• Frank Nieuwenhuis
    1. Reykjavík // Brussels

    2. +32 495 406565


    Photography and Video are the main formats I use to tell stories, but Visual Creator is the best description for what I do.

    The day I picked up my mothers digital camera and played around with it, I knew creating images was something I liked to do.
    As a teenager I spend days making silly videos and never thought I would actually do something serious with it.

    Because music was always my main passion.
    For years I played Piano, Flute, Percussions, Drums and a little bit of guitar.
    So studying audio at the RITCS School of Arts seemed like the ideal direction to go.
    But while being exposed to the possibilities of video during my time at RITCS, I realised video was something more than just a free time activity.

    So I ended up graduating in Video Editing and started my career as freelance video editor.
    Quickly that evolved to becoming a freelance videomaker, since I keep wanting to learn new things.

    Photography was just something to keep me busy on vacation trips, until one of those trips lead me to Iceland.
    The lines and shapes of the landscapes of Iceland inspired me to dive in to artistic landscape photography.

    Fast forward to today. It doesn't matter If it is moving or still pictures, as long as I can transfer a message or emotion through these imaging formats.

    CLIENTS: DeChinezen, Kurt Deleijer, Gonzales, Design Regio Kortrijk, Colruyt, Menuet, Caviar, BBDO, Sony Music Entertainment Belgium, MNM, Earth in Motion, TV Bastards, JIM tv, ZaterdagZondag, Bgoodmedia, IJsboerke, Huis van het Nederlands, Isuzu, Colruyt, Brico, Martini, Belmodo, ING.